Suite Justice

How We Got Justice

As Bobby, Mark, and Randy had hinted, things changed. By June of 1972, Spectrum 9 was finished and we had a new band. Trumpet players Charlie Anderson and Rich Rafeo had replaced Paul and Charlie. Tony Cimorosi replaced Tommy on bass. And we added a ninth member, trombonist John Licata. We made the change just as we decided to let Joe Cacciatore be our manager. Joe was the owner of JoJo's Lounge on Revere Beach. As a result of Suite Justice taking him on as our manager, we got a house gig at JoJo's.


The new musicians really lifted the band to a new level. Charlie had a degree in music ed from the University of New Hampshire and Rich had his degree in music performance from Boston College. They were both great players. Charlie had a picolo trumpet, an interesting change. Rich was a good soloist and also played the flugelhorn. Tony had great hands and was solid on the bass. He had great insight into the music we would play.


John was something else - a story unto himself. He liked to hang around Berklee - I don't think he had attended classes there for several years, but he had an apartment not too far away. John liked to jam with anybody. When he started with us, he had just jammed with Charlie Mingus. Mingus told John - "You're crazy!" And he was - we'd find out just how much when we started to gig with him. Our nickname for John was Nauge.


The band was quite good - especially with the music we were playing. We first learned all the Spectrum 9 stuff, which we did great. JoJos was a great gig to get tight and we even built a pretty good following.

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