Spectrum 9

But it got old...

Spectrum 9 played night clubs around the great Boston area, with 6 and 7 night a week gigs. I remember we once went 23 days without a night off. That seemed like quite an accomplishment since we often had a long way to travel for these gigs.
One thing I had trouble with was the uniforms we had to wear. It was bad enough to have to cut my hair - which I did. I probably wouldn't have minded wearing outfits so much, except the ones the leaders decided on REALLY looked dumb to me - they looked like they had been derived from marching band uniforms. One was black with a red chest and belt. The pants were also red and black - right down the middle of the leg: red on the inside, black on the outside. Yech! The other outfit was a little cooler, a white/cream color with maroon chest and shoulders banners. The maroon part had stars on it. Oh well, welcome to the world of Vegas-style bands.
I had a problem with Paul. I don't remember what the specific issues were, but I wasn't into anybody acting like they were my father and Paul had been trying to overly educate me on the way I did things. Since I did not go along with him, there was friction. A lot of friction. At one point, I remember seething so bad, I considered inviting him outside or something - a sign of my impetuous youth. Paul seemed skinney to me, somebody I should be able to take in a fight - and he made me angry enough to lean that way.
I remember that Randy and Bobby told me I'd be a fool because Paul was actually an ex-boxer and he would destroy me. What? That little guy? They also told me that they had some plans on the back burner that wouldn't include Paul. I should just be patient and everything would be better soon. I decided to cool it and wait to see what was next.

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