Suite Justice

A Good But Short Run

Suite Justice had the same vision that Spectrum 9 had - going to Las Vegas. And JoJo's was our home. We were pretty successful, but as time went on, felt that we could be doing something more important than just going to Vegas. I think we lasted about 5-6 weeks at JoJo's when we decided to cut away from Joe. I said before that I had never seen him angry. Well, he was angry at us when we gave him the word, like we had betrayed him. But we had made up our mind.


We started gigging around the area again. And when we rehearsed, we started bringing in original music. I brought some stuff in that I had done for Jackass a year before. I had worked a bit more on the words and they were better. I remember that As we rehearsed a piece I'd written, Maryanne, Charlie said he was very encouraged that we were working on some pretty good original material. The words were better, but I wondered if Charlie listened to them or just judged the piece by the music.


We had a bunch of holes in our schedule. One thing about working at JoJo's, the gig was steady. Without the Beak "managing" us, we had a hard time booking the nine piece band.

There were also those of us who really wanted to play original music. This is a feat hard enough to do with a smaller band. With a nine piece band without serious backing, it would not have happened. A change was in the wind.


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