Paula Pollock

A consumate vocalist, Paula thrills audiences with her wonderful voice singing songs from Aretha Franklin to Mariah Carey. Paula croons tunes from Trisha Yearwood to Selena.

C.C. Pinkston

A rock steady drummer, C.C. also offers much with  his smooth and pleasing singing style. Performing  songs from Nat King Cole to Motown, C.C. is a crowd favorite.

Charlie Traeger

The leader of The Cleartones, Charlie plays the woodwinds. His  tenor sax is reminiscent of Stan Getz, his soprano sax of Kenny G. His alto wails on good Motown and soul and his flute is a great change of pace from heavy horns.

Peter Carey

Standing tall behind his guitar, Peter plays music from all styles. A great jazz  player, he also plays country, he also rocks. He also sings great country, rock,  as well as Spanish. Peter is also chief arranger for the Cleartones.

Michael Workman

Michael was the first musican recruited by Charlie for the Cleartones.  A gifted keyboard player and vocalist, he is at home with Rock to Bach, Pop to Bebop.  He will sing any of your favorites.

Rob Meyer

An expert on the trumpet, the Cleartones are greatful to have Rob. He has won audiences around the world with a virtuosity rarely found on  his instrument. A sound as big as big band, Rob is tops in the horns.

Mike Brumbaugh

Mike is one of the finest trombonists anywhere. His slick solos grab his audiences and his is the rock bottom of the Cleartones' horns. He also  sings a great rendition of Mac the Knife.

Pat Welberg

A true veteran of the San Antonio music scene, Pat is an accomplished bass player.  The rock bottom of the Cleartones' sound, Pat also sings lead and background harmony. His Kenny Rogers covers are the best.

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