Tony Cimorosi


Tony was a core member of bands I was in for three years. He first joined Suite Justice in the summer of 1972. The band morphed into the Mourning After in late 1972 and then became Messiah in 1974.
Tony was one of my best buds during these years. We even roomed together for a while. We played, partied, laughed, even fought. We worked a lot on music. I think all of it was good. Good memories.
During these years, Tony's primary influence on bass was Barry Oakly, the bass player for the Allman Brothers Band that had met his demise in a motorcycle accident. Tony's solid style kicked our band to an intensity level that rivaled the best ABB bands as well as giving the same solid feel on the rest of the material. Tony also sang. His rocking versions of Statesboro Blues and Jumping Jack Flash were crowd favorites. "Big Daddy" brought it home!
And a writer. Some Mourning After followers might remember "Icon in the Attic." I can still hear the intro to the song (similar to the outro) in my head right now!
The musicians in Mourning After were all interested in studying with great musicians. During that bands existence, Tony would drive the 400 mile round trip to New York City in a day to study with bass player great Stanley Clark. Stanley was instrumental in getting Tony interested in studying music. After Tony left Messiah, he went back to school and is now, in his own rite, a recording artist and an educator. Check out the Tony Cimorosi page.

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