The Sonics


The Sonics rose from nowhere in Sierra Vista AZ in the fall of 1965. The members of the band were:

Greg Clements - bass and vocals
Ray Davis - rhythm guitar
Jimmy Hilburn - drums
Mike Workman - lead guitar and vocals

It was such a long time ago and I just don't remember how we started the Sonics. I do remember a few things...

  • I remember that I was a freshman at Buena High School. Greg was a sophomore, and I think Jimmy was, too. Ray was a senior.
  • I remember that in 1965, Sierra Vista was a small town of 3,500 people. The 2005 census lists the population of at 41,908.
  • I remember that Greg and Ray were "cool" guys. They were the first friends I had that knew something about what it took to be a cool musician. They had things to do that were cool, things to do that weren't.
  • I remember that surfing was cool, and surf music was cool. I liked the Beatles, but music that was also heard around Sierra Vista was the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, the Surfaris.
  • I remember that these were the days of a new invention - the skateboard. Surfing was cool, but since we lived in the middle of the desert, skateboards were really hot.
  • I remember that when we started, some kid named Gary was on rhythm guitar. He stole a microphone from me and we kicked him out of the band and then pulled Ray in.
  • I remember we started practicing in a furniture store. Jimmy's dad owned Hilburn's Furniture in the middle of town. We set up in between a bunch of sofas.
  • I remember that Jimmy was partially handicapped, but was a great drummer. We were lucky to have him.
  • I remember that our big gig was playing the Teen Club on Fort Huachuca. We were probably raw, but seemed to have the audience with us.
  • I remember that we also did a couple of dances at Buena High School. I don't remember that we had too many other gigs besides those.
  • I remember making a trip to Tucson with Greg and seeing Paul Revere and the Raiders at some baseball field. They were a great band and performed a show as well as good music.
  • I remember that my folks left for Massachussetts right after the school year ended - and I stayed. However, the band never played again. I spent the last summer in Sierra Vista playing baseball.

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