Julie Bailey
and the
Texas Gems

We Leave the Honkey Tonk

Somehow, we found a great replacement in Will Roberts. Will was a solid drummer who had a great voice. He completely changed the feel of the material and actually gave us a new breath of life for a while. Will was a great guy, and is still a good friend - although he now lives in Nashville - so I don't see him often. The two of us used to hit the party hard. It seemed like the thing to do.

Julie finally found another gig at a club a mile away from the Honkey Tonk - DWs. I didn't view this as a positive change. Maybe because the partying didn't stop, it just moved. In short, we were still stuck in a rut not finding the gig that would just make it all better...

One bright spot at DWs was when Michael O'Dowd (OD) started showing up to sit in. He'd bring a clarinet. Now, I have always thought that you just do not put certain instruments in certain genres of music. To the point, you don't put horns with country music. I just don't think it sounds right. And especially clarinet. Not with country. But OD made that clarinet sing in the music. A great pleasure having him sit in with us every time he did. OD told me since, that he tried to play fiddle lines with the clarinet.
However, I wasn't happy playing in the environment around the Texas Gems and was looking for something else. And it wasn't long before I found something else. Still, looking back, I enjoyed the gig with Julie, in spite of the excessive partying.
Miss Julie Bailey